Location: lafayette, la, USA
Description: We consider our music hippie hop. Our message varies but the style is like mixing southern rock, hip hop, techno and R&B. Wicked guitar solos on phat beats with catchy hooks and real life lyrics.
Biography: Prodigal and Natureboy met up in mid 2005 thanks to Nate's brother and friend of Prodigal, M@, who also co hosts the radio show/podcast Liquid Lounge with Prodigal. At the time, Natureboy was playing his guitar and singing his tunes for friends and family and playing around in a high school band. Prodigal was perfecting his MC and Production skills and was looking for musicians and vocalists to share the music making process with. Both were looking for new ways to express their music. Prodigal had been getting in to Trip Hop and asked Nate to let him record and mix one of his songs, "Speak To ME". Nate agreed and two weeks later both listened to their creation very pleased at the mix of Nature Boy's traditional elements revamped and reassembled with Prodigal's "Trippy" style. At that moment the partnership born.

Originally, TripHopCollective, or THC, was to comprise of multiple members and expand into a 10 piece or better ensemble. That was the vision at least. Many people have contributed to the tracks put out by Prodigal and Natureboy, adding horns, bass, vocals etc., but at the moment the only true members of THC are P & Nate. "Technically, the collective has always been myself & Natureboy. We still dream of the collective. It's not dead within us, but we feel we have to solidify our partnership and show our music for what it really is. Us." - P

"We call our music Hippie Hop because our ideals seem outdated in today's world but our music is grounded in it. We're influenced by elements from every genre, but have a hard time fitting into a specific genre ourselves. It's easier to consider our music triphop because it's a more well known format, plus we loved the Band's acronym. I've even heard our style referred to as surfer rap which I dig, even though I've never surfed in my life." - P

No matter what you call their style, you know it's them when you hear it. Distinctive vocals, stunning guitar solos over tripped out beats and lyrics that leave you thinking about the real nature of life. TripHopCollective is more than your average garage band, Prodigal and Natureboy produce a style all their own with clean production and amazing recorded sound considering it's all created in their living rooms. Don't underestimate these boys from down south, they're going to be here for awhile.

In the parting words used by Prodigal in Liquid Lounge, Later Ya'll. Think About it.

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