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Description: Inspired by Paul van Dyk and Mozart UltraMax combines thde power of beat with purity of violins and cellos creating dance music that is very driving yet intelligent and melodic.
Biography: UltraMax is about Fusion of Classical and Techno Music: Interview Inspired by Paul van Dyk and Mozart, Gershwin and Moby, Depeche Mode and Tchaikovsky UltraMax combines technological innovations of the 21st century - acid sounds of analog synthesizers, deep bass and pumping energy of beat - with purity of classical instruments - piano, harp, violins and cellos - all with the goal of pushing the frontier of dance music further, towards the ultimate unity of classical and techno.

Born in the heartland of Russia in a millennia-old city positioned on the cross-roads of Nordic and Slavic civilizations UltraMax follows in the footsteps of his outstanding compatriots: composers, writers, poets, and cosmonauts. Dedicating 7 years of his life to studying classical piano performance and another 7 to an advanced degree in computer science UltraMax is pursuing the quest of knowledge. His interests span from Sumerian history and cuneiform tablets to present day politics, from ancient astronomy to modern astrophysics, from computer music to advanced topics in gravity in superconductivity.

But let you to be a judge of his talent. So waste no time - experience UltraMax Music, and you will be amazed at what paths lay open before you.

Press Release:
What kind of music would Mozart write if he lived today?

If Bach was still around, would he play his chorals in clubs or in churches?

Can Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" be mixed with Beethoven?

Discover the answer - experience the grooviest, funkiest remixes of J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi and Prokofiev on UltraMax's new "TechnoClassica" album!

Inspired by Paul van Dyk and Mozart UltraMax combines the power of beat with purity of violins and cellos creating dance music that is very driving yet intelligent and melodic: "The real challenge was to go beyond employing classical samples and actually blend classical scores with original music. Thus in "I'm Attracted to You" with Stefani Letcher I have blended Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliette", Dance of the Knights theme with my own original song, yet the blend was transparent enough to keep instantly recognizable Prokofiev's theme. The result was a song with huge commercial potential, and an extra reward came from Judge Jules featuring it in his Saturday night BBC Radio 1 mix show".

"Remixing Vivaldi was much more challenging for many reasons. Strong hooks of the "Four Seasons" did not want to mend into underground club / dance feel until in a sudden burst of inspiration I have blended Vivaldi’s "Summer" score with allegro from Ludwig van Beethoven’s "Moonlight" sonata. While what we usually think of the "Moonlight" sonata is actually a prelude, "Allegro" contains much-much more energy& which was perfect for blending with Vivaldi. The result was a non-stop techno / house action with unrelenting energy and breath-taking spin."

"Choral Prelude in F Minor by J.S. Bach was another track that I did with operatic vocals, this time featuring Natalia Orlovskaya. I actually made two mixes of Bach's Choral: one more Bach’s theme-based, and another with far funkier and jazzier feel due to characteristic piano and brass sections."

So what's next for UltraMax? Supported by three 12" vinyl releases "TechnoClassica" tracks are already moving up the record pool charts with "All You Need" single currently #5 in Illinois. But the best is yet to come: UltraMax is planning nothing short of stage performance with live symphonic orchestra that is likely to take place some time at the end of 2006 at Penn State, University Park Campus in State College, PA, where UltraMax has accepted an assistant professor position at the Computer Science and Engineering department, and where there are three full-time orchestras to develop the project with.

So stay tuned for more UltraMax update, and discover the true Fusion of Classical and Techno music on UltraMax's new "TechnoClassica" album.

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