Vince LuPone
Location: Tempe, AZ, USA
Description: Quite simply put, Vince LuPone's album is a seamless array of well written, well played and extremely versatile tracks that run the gambit between moving melodies and aggressive chaos." -
Biography: What would happen if you put Marilyn Manson and Joe Satriani in the same studio? It would probably sound something like this new album from Arizona-based guitarist, Vince LuPone.

The sound of his new album, “Screaming into the Abyss” is quite clear, as Vince’s tremendous wall of heavy guitar cuts right through from the first track to the last. Vince’s tracks are tight and focused high-energy pulses that form a consistent flow, from the super-fast track “Trail of Light” to the industrial grinder “Forever in a Day” and Vince has even included a couple of original new age guitar instrumentals to round out the album nicely. His smooth yet ferocious lead lines flow elegantly over a sea of thundering bass and drums.

A talented guitar virtuoso, Vince also shows his various other talents on this new album, as he not only recorded the guitars himself, but also was responsible for playing and recording the bass, keyboards, cello, & percussion. Vince even sings on three songs, and his voice further enhances the esoteric guitar lines and gives the songs a deep, dark, emotional feel to them. The album was self-produced and mixed by Vince in his home studio.

Press Release:

Contact: Vince LuPone
Phone: (602) 793-1757

Arizona-based guitarist & songwriter Vince LuPone's long-awaited solo album "Screaming into the Abyss" is now available from Weeping Shadow Records (independent). Combining the raw power of his heavy metal influences with more musical & melodic inspirations, LuPone's album has all the makings of a genre-defining moment.

"Screaming into the Abyss" is a fully independent album. Orchestrated, performed, Self-produced, & self-promoted, the 55 minute disc screams with the soulfullness only LuPone can bring.

The album is now available for purchase at

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