Visions of a Nomad
Location: brisbane, qld, australia
Description: Visions of a Nomad plays world/jazz/fusion/groove with an Australian Indigenoius twist.
Biography: Artist Information Instrumentation Michael Cuming didgeridoo, key's, percussion, classical harp, Clarinet, guitar, vocals Silvana van Dijk Drum kit, small percussion, conga's, vocals Tim Berry trumpet, flugelhorn,trombone Adama Storey Double bass/electric bass Biography Visions of a Nomad plays world/jazz/fusion/groove with an Australian Indigenoius twist. Internationally acclaimed, this group has received rave reviews on its international tour's , from theatres, concerthalls, festivals and the club scene, the group has a wealth of experience not only as musicians but also of producers of International touring show's in collaboration with Aboriginal artists from Australia. visit our web site on: or Key member Michael Cuming is known to play three instruments simultaneously! They touch upon a diverse original repertoire, from classically influenced pieces accompanied by the didgeridoo, to latin, arabic and flamenco influenced jazz, always backed by the latest grooves. touring highlights Tour of Ohio United States 2005,Diversions festival Ireland, Holland theatre concert tour, Cultural Olympiad Greece, Ireland theatre tour, Japan concert tour, Powerhouse theatre Brisbane Australia, Conservatorium theatre Australia , club circuit and festival circuit in Australia. Michael Cuming and Silvana van Dijk were asked by the Olympic committee to produce and Aboriginal show to be performed on the ruins of the Acropolis and Olympia, where the group performed along side world renowned artists like, Paco Pena, Shaolin warriors, Voix Bulgaris,Barbara Hendrix as to mention a few. Michael Cuming worked on a film score for National Geographic, recently finished producing a documentary " Long road to Olympia" and has written music for short films, advertisements etc... Website Discography Olentangy walkabout U.S.A ARC dreaming, Zindzi, Dreamtime and Wir War Download our music on i TUNES V.O.N. / ARC Dreaming
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