Location: Eaton Park, FL, USA
Description: Have everyone in the clubs clappin and stompin they feet
Biography: Brittney Walker, stage name blwtheblue, is only 19 years old and she is already starting a lot of commotion in the rap industry. This young female artist brings a lot of energy to the game with a well rounded album full of club hits, like "Somethin Like a Pimp", "Crunk Like That", songs to think on like "They R.I.P","Time to Stand Up", and eveyones favorite two stepping classic, "Your Time". No matter who you are, young or old, there is no doubt you will enjoy this music. BLW was born and raised in the small town of Lakeland, Florida. She started out being inspired by most of the R&B artist back then. But her interest in rap began to grow as artist like Da Brat and Missy Elliot came into the rap scene. She noticed that they had a unique style and from there wanted to create a style of her own. At first BLW spent most of her time writing until recently she decided it was time for her to show the world the style she had been developing for years. With her latest CD "Outta Da Blue" and definately her single "Do My Dance!!" With is blowin up in clubs all over the U.S., she has everyone diggin her style.
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BLWtheBLUE releases the Dance Club single!. Do My Dance!!

Lakeland, FL. May 20, 2006 Brittney Walker, rap name BLWtheBLUE, releases her debut single Do My Dance!! This single goes great with her title as the clubqueen considering that this track iz strickly for the CLUBS and anywhere where people will be up on there feet and dancing. Throughout the track she gives many reasons to do tha dance and have many in here home state, Florida doing it already! ###
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