Billy G. Camp

A dose of Country and Folk injected with Rock n' Roll, tubas, and turntables. Billy G. Camp draws on influences as diverse as Tom Waites, Gram Parsons and Jimmy Buffett.

Farrell D Rand

Country-pop style infuence heavily by 60's, 70's rock!.

Gis Johannsson


Greg Mcdougal

Front porch country/gospel .

James Alan Band

From Dance To Romance - Country Music with a highly melodic sense!

Jim Cook and the Taylormacs

Jim Cook band plays with full instrumentation, Funny tunes, Sad tunes, historical tunes: Jim cook sings, the great Jerry Swallow plays fender guitar (telecaster). Jim Cook & Taylor McKinnon write all their own stuff including arrangements.

Joe Berry And The Berry Pickers

JOE BERRY keeps true to real country music refusing to cave in to a new wave of thinking.

Justin Patterson & the Lost Causes

A Cowboy Singer With A Rock 'n' Roll Band.

Pete Mitchell

Pete Mitchell alias Stratmaster - Rocking Blues guitarist / singer-songwriter / author from the United Kingdom playing Crossover Electric Blues / Country-Rock.

The Goldbrickers

The goldbrickers have been described as a young and soulful, California country rock band.