Bleeder Project

Industrial/Goth/Electronica/Dance/Heavy Rock.

Celeste Lear

Sexy, driving and modern.

emil 109

Solo electronic artist mixing most aspects of electronic genres to create an original sound but still preserve past , present and future attributes.

Genre Peak


Headless Cowboy

Electronica/house with a deep house influence.

Justice on a Budget

Justice on a Budget are a trio of musicians who craft bold compositions through the language of improvisation.

Kora Sylfa

Away to samples or hollow yellings, this arranger-composer in electronic music (and decorated, i.y.p) likes what sounds good and true.


OHN's DJ Shadow meets Bitches Brew-era Miles Davis approach has garnered rave reviews from local and national media.

Resonant Drift

Resonant Drift is electronic ambient music that varies from deep space to rhythmic sound paintings. There is frequent use of drones, synthesizer and synthesizer effects, and various percussive elements.

Ronnie Vinston

Dance, Electronic, Techno beats and Urban R&B, Rock, and Funk grooves.

Solipsist Solipsist

Experimental Ambient/Dance Electronica.

Sonic Radiation

Formed in 2003, the Dallas, Texas based artist, Todd Last, worked to create music that arranges songs with combination of techno and trance that are solid and unique.

Thorsten Becker


Trance Fury

Progressive Electronica artist Trance Fury plays on emotions and loves to make concepts come to life.