emil 109
Webpage: http://www.emil109.co.uk
Location: Birmingham, ,
Description: solo electronic artist mixing most aspects of electronic genres to create an original sound but still preserve past , present and future attributes
Biography: Emil 109: Bio Since the age of 16 I have been dabbling with electronic music creation and production using very course and cheap methods. Over the past ten years I have seen good music programmes evolve and bad programmes disappear although they have taught me things. I have also touched on using the power of the Korg Triton workstation but with the restriction of time and money was unable to completely use its potential. My music creation is for originality, it is easy to create a half decent dance track using something like ejay, but to make something a bit more special requires time patience and at least three other programmes. I myself have purposely restricted myself from completely using all the features of the powerful programmes and VST that I have available. I have done this so that my music can evolve naturally. Fuel Injected is my debut album and from the few people that have listened to it, it has made an impression. It is certainly not faultless, for instance I have purposely kept some tracks shorter for potential remix and club mix opportunities, and have created it using over five different programmes so to keep the production values different but preserving the creative attribute. I have a very diverse musical taste but will give anything time, that includes myself. I have been successful in created tracks for different types of electronica genres and moods but I would not say I have perfected it yet. I have now got the confidence to feature my music on as many sources as possible and have started a new electronica independent label called materia records UK which is to encourage other homebrew electronic artists who wish to feature their digital media and CDs online, to get out there. My first proper CD is the Fuel Injected EP which is a five track demo CD which is doing the circles. The EP also serves as a promotion CD for the 11 track album.
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For more info please visit: http://www.emil109.co.uk