Hip Hop

Anna & The Barbies

Hungarian Hip hop from Budapest...honest, hard-edged electronic dance music, propelled sung lyrics and raps on universal themes, like love and loss, isolation and Depression. All of it from the minds of Anna Pasztor and her brother Samuel Pasztor.


Techno/hip hop rhythms and groove oriented rhythmic bass lines are the emphasis of this project surrounded by ambient effects, electronic wave-forms, raw distorted guitar lines, and chunky piano chords.


The FRESH sound in this album will blow yoooooooooooooooour MIND... combining an old school/new school sound from three Urban genres.

Big Lo

"This is true rider music in the tradition of Paris , Ice Cube , P.E , early 2-Pac ,and Lakim Shabazz.

Chioke Dmachi

It's funky, like Rock, Pop and R&B in one. Hot !

Colin Steele

Male Vocalist (Neo Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop)

DJ Smooth4Lyfe

Hip Hop, RnB, Dance, Electronic Producer.

Finless Brown

Finless Brown is a Bay Area based 6 piece live hip hop band that fronted by Paulie Rhyme and Moto, who sings and raps in both English and Japanese.

Mic Savage

New York hip-hop at its finest...


Trip hop/Reggae/Rock.


Underground hip hop artist considered to one of the hottest in America.

Phy-Turs 4 Christ

Gospel HipHop with a smooth grove.


We consider our music hippie hop...


Trip hop, breaks.