loaded coil
Webpage: http://www.myspace.com/loadedcoil
Location: w. hollywood, Ca, U.S.
Description: alternative, emotronic, psychedelic funk, space-goth, dream-pop, art-rock.
Biography: Loaded Coil is based and debased in Los Angeles, California, and began as a solution to the unaffordable cost of therapy. The name, Loaded Coil, came to symbolize the potential of a human being to re-analyze what it was taught to think and eventually, re-integrate itself as a more open current of energy with a deep understanding of the influence of modern social constructs on the human condition.

Categorical descriptions of music make me grimace and are usually never right, however, were myself or a loved one to be pressed for answers by mutant ice-weasels, I would have to describe us as alternative, semi-electronic emotional music with a hint of psychedelic-goth and space-funk. Loaded Coil is proud to present it's debut album, and wishes it to be well received by many cerebral cortexes, via the auditory canals, or any other method one may choose to listen to music.

Even as we deeply believe in perpetrating a laisse-faire punk-rock attitude about these things, secretly, we hope you feel the fiber of our fabric, and don't come away with the impression of spandex.

Press Release:
we are loaded coil
contact: barak ben-haim

Los Angeles- June 23, 2006

A completely new experience in music, Loaded Coil is as musically diverse as a Jamaican, punk-rock marching band. Genre-bending music encapsulating electronic elements with space-gothfunk, dreamy art pop, and bass-lines so fat and melodic that Jenny Craig offers her meals to them for free. This album speaks volumes for itself, and in accordance with the wishes of the band, we will let it.

Barak Ben-haim, singer/songwriter for Loaded Coil has this to say on the nature of music, thought, and press releases, "Most hype-engines run out of gas long before reaching the pot of gold. So much of what Loaded Coil Is about for me is capturing those real and sentient moments, and conciously moving ourselves beyond the formulaic modes of behavior and thought we are conditioned to experience. The great challenge to be vulnerable and real. I don't want to compromise that by communicating velveeta when our deepest love of music comes from all things genuine and raw." He then went on to apologize to any processed cheese fans who might be offended.

About the meaning of the title track, "Molecular", Barak had this to say, " It is an affirmation about remembering that we are all moving towards something that we cannot see right now, but we will know what that is in time. That song was written during a very emotional and painful chapter of my life. I found myself needing to remind myself to be patient, and to remember that emotional pain is a rite of passage. That the bigger picture had to do with my evolution as a human being and that I was experiencing something that would help me grow."

Loaded Coil welcomes any and all inquiries, and appreciates your feedback and comments..

The debut Loaded Coil album, "Molecular", can be downloaded at the itunes store, Napster, and Karma downloads. The "Molecular" Cd can be purchased for 15 dollars (includes shipping and handling) by emailing Loaded Coil directly at barak667@hotmail.com or www.myspace.com/loadedcoil. Please contact us for a promotional copy.

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