Captivating and breezy vocals, stylish beats and a delivery that shows a personality all her own...
She's Amiena.

Colin Smith

Colin Smith is a rawkus piano playin' wild songwriting fool. He really likes Tom Waits and Randy Newman, he likes banging on a piano and singing his heart out even more, and most of all he likes to make YOU laugh (or cry, or think.)


Cristiana Castello' s album "be proud" is an elegant and convinging pop-rock production
with a euro-vibe in it.

Darrius Willrich

Sweet Urban Soul.

Jamie LaShay

JAMIE LASHAY, daughter of Anthony Hawkins {member of the legendary first all black rock band “BLACK MERDA” www.blackmerda.com}. 18 years old with a BIG voice and vocal range. She sang on the style of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, but with more.


Pop/R&B/Latin. Powerful, Beautiful & Honest. Puerto Rican singer Janid prepares to take the R&B world by storm with her debut CD Goddess! .

Jeff Merchant

A purveyor of slickly arranged orchestral indie-pop with jazz and folk undertones.

Karolyn Marie Roberts


Kito Peters

A melodic mix of rock, folk, and jazz elements support powerful lyrics about relationship, politics, and spirituality.


Originally from Japan, via Paris, Koomee came to the U.S. to celebrate her love and understanding of the universal language of music.

KitoPeters.html Light Euphoric

Blending heartfelt humanitarian lyrics with a variety of contemporary musical components, “Light Euphoric”, has created a unique new era of music they call “Humanitarian Pop.”

Penny Foster

Pop and Dance.

Ryo Fukuzawa

Slow pop from Japan.