Acoustic Minds

Triple Threat Harmonies Mixed with Soul, Jazz and sweet Acoustic Rock.


Powerfully melodic vocals, heavy groove driven guitar, infectious bass & unrelenting drums to create a unique soundscape.

Alex Hirsch

Music that gets better with each listen.

Asia Mei

Piano driven rock.


One of the best hard rock bands we've heard." - Billboard Magazine.

Big Wolf Pappa

Singer songwriter Kevin Wilcox and Band Music is meaningful pop rock with heavy blues roots influence.

Classic Los Angeles Cult Band is back.

Breakwater are a Pop/Rock band with an alternative edge..

Brother 2 Brother
B2B's music ranges from Soul searching Blues to hard hitting Rock and Roll done Texas Style.


Southern Rock.

Core Device

Core Device creates melodic hard rock/heavy metal, with intelligent lyrics and interesting compositions.



Cutting Edge

IN TODAY'S MUSIC, when everyone's tired of the same old music, and ask for something new,
CUTTING EDGE obliges by delivering that new sound.

Dave Magmaa

I am a solo artist my cd Erupts is a footstompin,handclappin 70's mix.
Not a journey back in remembrance just good music.

David Gregorisch

Instrumental Rock.


Raw Punk Rock, Seventies Rock n Roll mixed with 80's metal and Southern Rock.


Swiss Hard Rock band.


Rock with girth and more hooks than a meat packing plant! Guitars, keyboards, soulful vocals and keen harmonies are all supported by a monster groove that can kick you in the pants as it whispers in your ear!

Future Native

Future Native is an acoustic driven band from Queensland, Australia.

Gee Davey

Strong, catchy riffs, with poignant lyrics.

gene walk group

Hard Rockin Jersey Boys !!!


It's like the Who inspires a guy from New Mexico, to write & play guitar like Townshend; sings like John Lennon, and ultimately sounds British.

Good For You

Hard Rock Punk!

JD Stefan

Music for the rest of us...

Johnny Walker



Katya is Rock and Roll's Love Child! Endorsed by legendary Carruthers Guitars, she will rock you with her revolutionary and innovative guitar playing.

Kenneth J. Stelly

An eclectic album containing a creative mix of different genres, lyrically rich with melodies and lush harmonies to suit every mood and challenge the human spirit.


Acoustic Progressive Rock.


A highly intoxicating trip into the macabre.

Linear Brothers

Lyrics that evoke images and emotions combined with V8 rock grooves--classic '70's FM rock!!


Think rebellion-rock with a political agenda.

loaded coil

alternative, emotronic, psychedelic funk, space-goth, dream-pop, art-rock.

Lunar Breakdown

Rock/Hard Rock/Psychedelic Rock.

Michael Gibbons

The sounds of burning guitars surrounded in rich, soulful melodies. Thoughtful and hopeful lyrics provide memorable warmth with exilerating highs. Absolute bliss.


The sounds of burning guitars surrounded in rich, soulful melodies. Blues based rock in the vein of Zeppelin and Aerosmith.

Natalie Gauci

Take it or Leave it is Natalie Gauci's first solo E.P. She is based in Melbourne, Australia. Her music crosses over Funk, pop, rock and soul and her vocal performances are well worth listening to.

Opal Candy

Take it or Leave it is Natalie Gauci's first solo E.P. She is based in Melodic, powerful rock with great vocal harmonies and musicianship. Opal Candy music is pure emotion whether it's mellow acoustic compositions, or high energy riff rock...


Description: The music of the Swedish band Orange is odd and remarkable, but still very recognisable.

Perfect Mercy

Alternative Rock.

Pleasant Problem

Pleasant Problem is a pop-rock band with influences across all genres.

Project Morfeo

First lancing your prehibitions with a softly aggressive rock, Biagini turns around and engulfs you in a vast, yet warming, environment. Though filled with emotion, Dicotomia does not overwhelm, rather it entices and guides you through an everlasting splendor.

Rebel Pride

A Southern Rock Guitar Army from Tampa Bay Florida.

Rich Reich

Rich Reich is a singer-song writer who's music combines elements of rock,blues,country,jazz,folk,funk,and punk into a style that's difficult to define.

Rob Watson

If you mix John Mayer, Curtis Mayfield and Ryan Adams, you will come up with Rob Watson.

Roland Chadwick

Half Man - Half Guitar. Some say he's the Guitar Slinger. Others say he's the Wizard of Oz.

Shelby Nelson

Genuine Rock and Roll !

Sixty Miles Down

Dark, aggressive, and moody, Sixty Miles Down has consistently been compared to the likes of Alice in Chains, Godsmack, and Tool, but their sound has a style all its own.

SomeWhat Damaged

A powerhouse Rock Band hailing from Houston, TX! SWD is a modern rock band that is extremely versatile in their style from tender ballads like "I Believe" and "The End Of Something" to (in your face) modern hits like "Extreme Distraction" and "Puppe.

Steve Vansak and the Joe Roberts Band

Hendrixian fuzz meets Springsteen street poetry, with dashes of Foo Fighter melody, U2 passion and a good helping of Black Crowes style roots rock. Playing in the tradition of singer/songwriter rock bands like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Rick Lipe

rock/folk rock

The Kind

The Kind achieves a more straight-up rock n' roll ground while still managing to let their reggae and ska influences shine through..

Third Wish

Third Wish is a hard rockin', heavy metal blues band with a unique twist yet somewhat familiar feel.

Todd Lemoine

modern guitar driven rock with hints of emo and punk influences.

Toxic Virgin

Hardrock / Melodic metal band from Krefeld / Germany.

Vince LuPone

Instrumental Metal.